Katydid Explores The Secrets Behind Hollywood's Crazy Celebrity Lifes.

We find and gather the most famous and outrageous celebrity news that look sexy are popular and are constantly on the news, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez or even Ariana Grande. All these spotlight celebs are on the camera and photos all over the news and internet hence they gotta look good and sexy. This is why we did our research how these famous movie stars stay pretty with their makups on the screen all the time not to mention their fappening nude pictures are always so beautiful like art.

List of best celebrity that brake the internet

Jennifer Lawrence

Mrs. Shradder Jennifer is the hottest kid around the Hollywood block right now, the Hunger Games badass girl and X-MEN blue mutant is super sexy and always is talked about. Even tough Lawrence trips on the redcarpet half the time she still keeps her pretty face sexy on every photo including her outragous 155 nude photos that where leaked in 2014 being a naughty girl.

Ariana Grande

The pop singer former Disney Star showed us all that she is all grown up now, she wears the sexiest clothing there is even shows off plenty off skin for us, Ariana is constatly news celebrity material.

Selena Gomez

Oh yes she really got her big fame once she started dating the Canadian super star Justin Bieber, after they broke up she hit the Celebrity run way news anything Selena did people talked about it even if her music is not the greatest.


Good girl turned bad well that is what happens when you hang around the big rapper names, and Rihanna is famous as it can get specially after leaked nudes and even doing a a full anked photo shoot with a French magazine named LUI Magazine.

Kim Kardashian

How could we forget the fake boobs and plastic doll Kardashians, the sad part is yes they look good how ever just like a horse kinda and girls are actually trying to look like them. What has the world come to with these Jenner and Kardashin family they just never stop being a celebrity gossip news in Hollywood entertainment.

Amber Rose

The Amber Rose show is new on TV but she manages to say the most wierdest things and lands celeb news all the time, Amber had some seriously revealing nude photos of her released on the internet but she does not mind at all and if anything boosted her fame.

Celebrity Nude Scandal History

The story of of celebrities dates way back just remember the day of Marilyn Moore that started it all and attended the first Annual Film Convention in Hollywood. We all love movies and entertainment as well are fans of our idol celebrity movie actor or actress.

Top Hollywood Celeb Scandal News

1. TMZ

They been around for a long time TMZ who also do bus tours around Hollywood to spot some celebs and have their own TV show as well.

2. Hollywood Reporter

Huge online website that reports the latest gossips from Hollywood. So to say The Hollywood Reporter News their name says it all.

3. Vanity Fair

More of a magazine and online site that hires and pays big bucks for celebrities to take some sexy photo shoots for their magazine. Vanity Fair news is very poppular among pop culture.

4. Just Jared

Just Jared is a great all in all site that also focuses on teen celeb gossips and much more.